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July 13, 2020

Summer Jewelry Wardrobe

We love breaking out the warm weather clothes and getting into spring and summer, but we were surprised to find out that not everyone has jewelry for each season. So please take our word for it — there is nothing better than trading the winter jewelry box for the summer jewelry box! It’s like getting a whole new jewelry wardrobe! Sure, there are a few pieces that you’ll wear every season, every year, but some jewelry just goes better with your summer outfits.

Note: many of the pieces in this article were one-of-a-kinds, and may be sold already. If you haven’t already, sign up for notifications about new blog posts! Never miss a one-of-a-kind item again!


Citrine is gorgeous and summery, like warm beads made of sunshine.  Perfect for layering over white, they dress up a casual outfit or add a playful note to a dressy outfit.

If you love wearig big looks, summer is a great time to do it. You can layer on as many strands as you want, add bold earrings and chunky bracelets – even on top of this season’s super cute ruffles and bows. With these light colors you can’t go over-the-top even if you try.

Go Bigger

When you break out those bold flower prints you might think you have to tone down the jewelry, but we say . . . go big. A dainty necklace or bracelet will get lost, but a bold layered look pulls it all together.

Make This Your Look

If you’re never quite sure which jewelry to wear with your big prints, stop worrying. Our advice is . . . go bigger. 

Bigger jewelry won’t overwhelm your favorite prints, and it will get noticed!

Less is Sometimes More

Ka Pow

We love the playful, sexy elegance of this look. Our bead strands accented with gold-plated beads in two simple layers with matching earrings added a big summer jewelry look without overpowering the outfit.