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2021 Oct. Mag

September 24, 2021

A southern girl with a soulful heart and a strategic mind equals the perfect power combination of being resilient and an unstoppable, progressive community leader.

Charlette Wilson Jacks is a community leader in green top with chunky green and gold necklace on a magazine cover

Charletta Wilson Jacks, a southern girl with a soulful heart and a strategic mind, currently serves as the Deputy Director of Government Affairs for the 60th Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms. Three words to describe Charletta – RESILIENT and PROGRESSIVE LEADER. This “home-grown Savannah girl,” has traveled the sidewalks and streets of many communities and cities to help them rise up, know their value and become the best that they can be. 

Ms. Jacks accumulated over two decades of experience with the City of Atlanta prior to her current position of Deputy Director of Government Affairs, beginning as a Senior Level Urban Planner committed to educating the traditionally disenfranchised citizens and neighborhoods on community engagement and the impact of public policy decisions on their quality of life.  During the first quarter of her tenure with the City of Atlanta, she was selected and honored as one of the “Mayor’s Top 100” employees, out of 8,000 staff, because of her commitment to customer service to the thousands of city residents.

Charletta Wilson Jacks is a progressive leader in yellow suit and coral layered necklacesThe “Go-To” Professional

Her unwavering professionalism led to Ms. Jacks’ appointment as the first African American female to be named Zoning Administrator for the City of Atlanta. Every community that has adopted development regulations has an official charged with the administration and interpretation of those rules. Ms. Jacks was that official, in a position with increasingly complex regulations for a major growing metropolitan city. As a result of her dedicated work and ability to engage and educate varying audiences of citizens, she is viewed as a “go-to” professional for development of large-scale multimillion dollar residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  

Ms. Jacks’ professional executive leadership experience includes construction management and high impact projects with several architectural and engineering firms. Her portfolio also includes the celebrated 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, and her excitement goes into overdrive when she talks about the projects that have her imprint: Atlanta University Center Olympic Games venues at Morris Brown College (football field), Clark Atlanta University (football field) and Morehouse College (basketball arena), Ponce City Market, Redevelopment of Turner Field, Redevelopment of the Gulch and Atlanta Beltline, and the creation of development regulations for the sale of the Turner Field Stadium (now the home to the Georgia State University football team).

Charletta Wilson Jacks is a progressive community leader and smiling woman in fantastic orange knit suit with multiple strands of layered necklacesHelping Atlanta Rise

Atlanta has been on the rise, even in the midst of a global pandemic. With focused leadership, Atlanta has been able to continue its’ role as a vibrant city with an outstanding quality of life. A prosperous city like Atlanta depends on leadership and vision that stimulates and delivers solid development. Ms. Jacks is proud to be a part of that team. 

For the past four years, she has been instrumental in the unanimous adoption of the yearly municipal budget, averaging over $650 million. During the pivot because of the global pandemic, Ms. Jacks continues to look for new and innovative ways to provide leadership and strategic planning on community and economic development policy and implementation. Resilience is one of her core characteristics.

Mrs. Charletta Wilson Jacks is proud of the three HBCUs (Savannah State University, Howard University, and Clark Atlanta University) that poured into her and strengthened her belief that “People Matter and Education is indeed important.” Gaining and maintaining community and stakeholder trust is imperative for success and it matters. She understands the rules and counts it a blessing to be able to share her knowledge with others to ensure transformation and to ensure progressive investment in communities and people. 






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