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2022 May Mag

April 26, 2022

Dr. Mia K. Wright is inspiring people around the globe to do the unthinkable and pursue their passion for living. Her messages are encouraging that lead to stories of how she help others to begin again and complete unfinished plans.

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Dr. Mia K. Wright is inspiring people around the globe to do the unthinkable and pursue their passion for living.

woman with blonde hair wearing a bright pink dress smiling with a long beaded necklace sitting on a park benchMia’s book, UNTHINKABLE, has challenged readers to elevate their life’s platform by demonstrating how to overcome boundaries and self-imposed limits. Mia is a powerful speaker, who encourages others with uplifting messages, relevant life stories and life skills that apply to faith-based and corporate sectors. Her messages are inspiring as well as encouraging. Mia elevates others with purposeful thinking and action with a call to action. People respond with stories of how she inspired them to begin again and complete unfinished plans. She is a sought-after speaker, having shared transformational messages in churches, town halls, conventions, corporate venues, schools, prisons, and mud huts worldwide. 

Church Leadership

Mia is the Co-Pastor and Executive Director of Ministry at The Fountain of Praise, where she and her husband, Dr. Remus E. Wright, lead a mega-church with 20,000 members. Their church was honored to host the funeral for the late George Floyd in 2020. Mia was licensed and ordained into the ministry in 2005, and she is responsible for the social media and digital platforms that build engaging membership networks. 

In addition to her church leadership and professional speaking platforms, Mia fulfils her passion as the Executive Director of Metamorphosis, Inc., a women’s empowerment organization. “Meta” encompasses a life-changing women’s conference, compassionate projects; empowerment seminars; a mentoring program for young ladies; and international programs. Through her work, thousands have embraced life transformations, locally and abroad, in conferences hosted in Brazil, Tanzania and South Africa.

Foundation for Change

Her life’s work is to help others formulate a foundation for change. Dr. Mia K. Wright received her doctorate from The University of Southern California in 2022. Her research on Social Cognitive Motivations for Group Participation and the Development of Social Capital paved the way for future digital religious exploration.

In 2005, Mia received her Master of Divinity degree with Honors from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She participated in a Study Abroad Program on the History and Relevance of the First Century Church in Tunisia, North Africa. Her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin in Biology and Chemistry prepared her for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Mia worked for Merck and Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and was highly successful as a development-training specialist. Astra Merck’s 1999 Corporate Report featured her project for innovative customer engagement. 


Mia is a TEDx Speaker, a Senior Fellow with the American Leadership Forum – Class XLV, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and The Links, Inc. In addition, she serves on the board of trustees for the Holocaust Museum Houston. She received numerous awards for her engagement and concern for her community.

Beyond her impressive academic background and professional accomplishments, her most significant achievement is her family. She and her husband of 30 years are parents to three sons who fulfill their life’s purposes as a minister, an attorney, and a medical doctor.

Go here to learn more and to purchase Mia’s book “Unthinkable: Do the Unordinary to Experience the Extraordinary

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