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June 2024 Mag

May 31, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Cerese D Jewelry has moved to a new Atlanta location called Towers at Wildwood. Our previous west midtown loft had an industrial, artsy feel, reflecting Cerese’s style and personality. After a decade there, we had no idea how much we had accumulated, making the move an overwhelming yet exciting transition.

Building relationships has always been key to maintaining a great vibe in our office. This new meeting space now allows our staff to comfortably consult and collaborate throughout the day, enhancing productivity and team dynamics.

“I wanted a space that felt calm and beautiful, yet strong and structured.”   

Angela Crane Jones

Cerese is wearing Cerese D’s Kedron Crystal Necklace, and Havana Nights Champagne Necklace

Enhanced Facilities:

We’ve also introduced several of Cerese’s furniture and fixture selections, including communal bar tables and ample storage cabinets. The renovated space has increased productivity, enabled more effective collaboration, and greatly improved our in-office experience.

Customer Amenities

A Corporate Boardroom

Comfortably seating 50 people, our boardroom provides an ideal space for meetings, video presentations, and consultations.

Sip and Shops

Our beautiful new location, nestled in the woods with a skyline view of Atlanta, is perfect for relaxing and enjoying shopping events in a serene setting.

Gemstone Design Studio

Where creativity flourishes, bringing new designs to life.

Virtual Live Streaming

Connecting with customers and collaborators remotely across the globe.

Angela Crane Jones

Production Artisans

Where our talented team crafts exquisite jewelry.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home on the 6th floor at Wildwood Towers. Please call for an appointment to shop or schedule meetings.

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