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photo of smiling black woman in white top standing in front of a goldman sach 10,000 small business flag

In February we announced our acceptance to participate in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, and after 12-long weeks we are celebrating! Deborah took on the task of tackling the program, with staff picking up the slack while she worked on her studies. We are now proud to announce that she successfully completed the program (she even has a fancy certificate to show for it!)

One of our clients that works with the Goldman Sachs Program recommended Cerese D Jewelry (CDJ) in December of 2020, we were selected to apply. We were interviewed by the 10k team, made some new friends, and were selected out of many dozens of applications to participate. We did our due diligence and spoke to at least 5 business owners that went through the program who encouraged us to accept the invitation. And we’re glad we did! 

They said it would be time consuming, and it was. The team was prepared not to see Deborah much as she would be spending a good amount of time for 3-4 months in class. The course had a lot of homework and was difficult, and sometimes frustrating (you know when you have to focus on the “un-fun” side of your business, eye roll) but the AH HA! moments made it so rewarding and gave her some new food for thought (and who doesn’t love food?!) In order to graduate, Deborah had to write a 5-year growth plan of how we would expand and scale the business. 

We got more than expected from the networking alone. Interacting with over 90 other scholars and sharing successes and challenges was great! As long as we keep up with the diagnostics that the program sends every 3-6 months, we’ll have access to the entire 10k scholars list through the 10ksb app. We are extremely proud to be part of this alumni group for many years to come! 

As a small, Black-woman-family-owned business run by serial entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new ways to innovate and manage our business and we are excited to share it with everyone (have you seen our video??) Celebrate with us, and feel free to open your own bottle of bubbles!

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