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If you suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), we have a cure for you! Pay close attention to your email inbox for when we send the announcement that the CDJ Closet is OPEN. Are you thinking “What the heck is the CDJ Closet?” We’re so glad you asked!

We created the Cerese D Jewelry (CDJ) Closet because we are constantly creating new designs and need to make room for new products. It’s just like cleaning out your own closet each season — you still have some GREAT stuff that fits in there, but you’re looking for fresh looks and you need to make room. 

The Closet is the only place where loyal clients, (you know, the ones who actually “read” our emails), will have first access to AMAZING prices on CDJ’s gorgeous designs! Yes, you read that right. In the Closet you’ll find deals from 15-70% off! These are the lowest markdowns we offer on only the highest quality pieces.

three woman in a yellow dress purple dress and red dress posing for the CDJ Closet

How Does the Closet Work?

So glad you asked! First, sign-up for our “CDJ Closet” email notices here (make sure to add us to your contact list so we don’t end up in your SPAM folder). Second, watch your inbox for the announcement as to when the Closet door will open. Third, once you receive notice that the Closet is open, hurry over to the CDJ Closet to get your hands on the finest pieces at the BEST deals before someone else snatches them up. Lastly, click “Pay Now” and you’ll be so glad you did.

We’ve organized our Closet with care. You’ll find pieces from every part of our line, organized for easy shopping. While the closet is open you may even find us on Facebook Live showing off our favorite pieces, or showing off how great some of our pieces look on a real person! If you want to see a piece up close  just ask-Cerese loves showing off our designs!

The CDJ Closet has no set schedule, so you never know when it will be, but we try for once a quarter. Each time the Closet opens you’ll find different styles available, so you’ll want to visit every time the door is open! The Closet door is only open for a few days and after it’s shut, no more deals until we reopen it again. 

So the best way to never suffer from FOMO again, is:

  • Sign-up for CDJ Closet emails here
  • Watch your inbox for our announcements
  • Hurry to the CDJ Closet online
  • Get great deals on some fabulous pieces
  • Feel gorgeous wearing your CDJ designs

Don’t miss out and sign-up today!

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