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Sweet Summer Trends

Soon enough it will be time to get out sweaters and boots, but for now, we have one more month of sweet, sweet summer.

Some of the biggest summer trends this year has been chains, charms, and beaded jewelry—whether it be anklets, bracelets, necklaces, chunky or delicate—they were on the rise. Keep it simple and layer your delicate chains with smaller beads, or go BIG and layer large pieces with bold designs (go big or stay home)! Any way you layer them, Summer allows for less clothing and more jewelry (oooh la la), so have fun with it.

smiling woman in bright yellow fuzzy textured tank top with strand of large colorful beads
black woman wearing pink tortoise framed sunglasses

Shades are always on trend (and can be worn year-round) and the cat-eye is a forever shape, and this season they are OVERSIZED!  They are hot this summer, with the surprise discovery that – unlike ovals and squares – they look good on every face shape. We love this pair from

Another hot, sweet summer trend you can indulge in all four seasons is beads. Beads of every size, shape, and color have been making news. Once again, Cerese D has your back, with great bead looks from understated to way, way over the top gorgeous!

woman wearing yellow dress and summer trendy white bead necklaces and bracelets

So come on – don’t wait until summer is over. Get out that fishnet tote, stack up your bracelets, throw on a great strand (or two, or three) of beads, and head outside wearing your spectacular cat-eye sunglasses. Fit in as much sun and fun as you can, because summer is fleeting, and those knee-high boots of yours are just tapping at the back of your closet, waiting to be let loose again.

woman in hot pink tank top with big bold jewelry in multiple bright colors
woman in white top basking in sun with long brown beaded layered necklace
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