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December 30, 2021


5 year anniversary with a variety of colorful cerese d magazine covers

One of the greatest pleasures while growing our brand has been getting to know our community of customers and learning their stories. Among the people we have profiled over the past 5 years are leaders in their communities and churches, teachers, business owners and executives, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, youth leaders, mothers, military veterans, and even a trainer of astronauts. Some of their stories are similar, and many are unique, but they are all about bold, strong, outspoken, and sometimes quiet leaders, that are blazing a trail towards change in one way or another. 

These are loyal clients that inspire us, and we are honored that they support Cerese D Jewelry. They are incredible role models for our brand.

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  • Latanya Boatwright

    Awesome job. Congratulation on 5 outstanding years. I love the beautiful jewelry showcased and the wonderful articles highlighting the accomplishments of some talent African Americans.

  • CONGRATULATIONS ON FIVE YEARS!!! I love this publication. I love reading about the women who are on the cover. Love the jewelry and the details. 🙂

  • Denise Smith, January 2021

    Congratulations CereseD! Thank you for the privilege of participation in your magazine. I love your company and what it stands for in the Black community.

  • With the mastery, skill, and customer – centric precision of CERESE D Custom Jewelry, we have the benefit of viewing the treasured compilation of women, established and emerging, who have the taste to select and wear— best in class. Collectively, we celebrate your benchmark success; your way of work; and your example of the required pivot to navigate the entrepreneurial waters of our time. Your company and this E- Magazine stand at the front of the line as being worthy of emulation. Please accept my standing ovation for your consistent job, well done!

  • What an awesome issue! To see so many fabulous women (and a few good men) in one issue is amazing. Proud to call you friends and I love seeing your wearable art on thousands of women!

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