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Entrepreneurial Adventures:
Scaling a Business

When Cerese D Jewelry was chosen to participate in Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative, we knew it would be a lot of work. Deborah was selected as the student. She had to complete 5-6 hours of mandatory attendance class time each week, plus small group work, plus homework. She had to study business finances, operations, marketing, selling, and human resources. In all, it was an 8-12 hour per week commitment, for three months, on top of running a very busy business.

But, she did it!

(Check us out celebrating:

And Then the Real Work Began

In order to graduate from the 10,000 Small Businesses program, each participant must commit to creating a growth plan and then pitching the plan to the entire group. 

photo of smiling black woman in white top standing in front of a goldman sach 10,000 small business flag

That’s because the purpose of Goldman Sachs’ program is not just to make small business owners more successful – it’s also to help them benefit their communities through hiring and creating economic opportunity. To do that, businesses must grow. To grow, they must be scalable.

Scaling a business isn’t just about working harder and doing more of what you’re already doing. It’s about finding ways to work smarter, to be innovative. Mixing manufacturing products with hand-work, automating business processes, and automating marketing are all part of scaling. So just when the CereseD team has mastered all the new skills required to produce regular online sales events (lights, camera, action!), now it’s time to master some new skills.

The entrepreneurial fun just never ends (no, we’re not being sarcastic)!

The Challenge

So the next entrepreneurial challenge is to explore ways to scale the business while maintaining the handmade couture jewelry brand. To work smarter, but still remain attached in a deep personal way to all our clients. If we scale, but lose that strong feeling of sisterhood and connection, that’s not a win.

So that’s our next entrepreneurial adventure. It’s not easy, but we’re on it! And we’ll keep you informed about our progress along the way.

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